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Arnica gel Review | Beauty And Care Tips

Arnica gel Review:

Arnica gel is a topical pain and stiffness relieving gel that is applied to affected body parts. It is produced by Boiron Company which is homeopathic medicine manufacturer since 1932.  Arnica gel relieves from bruising, swelling, stiffness and muscle pain. Even a small injury to muscles will cause pain and stiffness. Arnica gel is effective in relieving from minor injuries. Arnica is having deep roots in natural healing. Arnica plant is been used by the people for healing since 1500’s. Pharmaceutical labs in the manufacturing process use ‘mother tincture’ ‘old grannies’ as a raw material and convert it into the gel. The procedure preserves the power of Arnica and removes all the side effects of Arnica tincture.

arnica gel review
arnica gel review

A large number of studies carried out on Arnica gel and claim that the gel speeds up the recovery from swelling and bruising. It works excellent for bruises and discoloration caused from bruises. It makes the migration of white blood cells to bruises and swells and let them digest the congested and damaged cells

Arnica Gel Uses:

Arnica Gel is a quick absorbing gel that can be applied to the affected skin area. It starts working as soon as it gets absorbed into the skin. It contains an active ingredient called Arnica Montana significant in relieving from inflammation. It also contains different inactive ingredients like alcohol, carbomer, purified water and sodium hydroxide. It is a non-greasy gel which absorbs easily into the skin. It reduces pain, swelling and discoloration caused on the skin by bruising. It gives a pretty good relief from stiffness and pain. Applying Arnica gel is quite easy, a thin layer of a gel can be applied on the affected area. The process can be repeated three times a day until the pain has gone away. It has cooling and soothing effect on the applied area. It doesn’t give any smeary feeling after application. Arnica gel can be applied on any skin type even on sensitive and thin skin.

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