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Bhringraj oil benefits for Hair

Bhringraj oil benefits for Hair: Bhringraj is a medicinal plant that grows in moist areas. Bhringraj oil benefits for hair and skin a lot. Eclipta Alba is the botanical name of Bhringraj. It has been used for many decades to improve the growth and color of hair. It is greenish in color with a strong aroma. Using Bhringraj oil for on scalp gives many profits as it is most natural oil for regular use. Bhringraj oil helps in treating the prematurely gray hair and naturally increases the growth of hair. With the regular use of this oil, helps in adding volume, texture and color which gives you lustrous and thick hair. It also helps in for people who suffer from balding of hair.

bhringraj oil benifits
                Bhringraj oil benefits

How to use Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth?

Bhringraj is used in different ways to treat hair problems. Here are some of the applications.

Bhringraj oil:

Bhringraj oil is preferred most commonly used for treating hair. It can be available at the local stores. You can also prepare your own Bhringraj oil at home. It is so easy to make Bhrigaraj oil.

Make your own Bhringraj oil:

Bhringraj oil Ingredients:
  • Bhringraj herbs:50g
  • Coconut oil: 250 ml
  • Fenugreek seeds: 2 spoons

Steps to make Bhringraj oil :

  1. Blend the Bhringraj herbs to 1/4th for a couple of minutes. Don’t make the paste of it as it will be difficult while filtering.
  2. Heat coconut oil in a pan. Coconut is the preferred carrier oil but you can use oil of your choice as a carrier oil.
  3. Add the partial blended Bhringraj paste to coconut oil and heat for 8-10 minutes in low flame. Add fenugreek seeds in between as they are good for hair growth and provides coolness for the scalp. After 10 minutes you will notice the oil turning into green color and the bubbles will be reduced. It indicates the oil is free from water.
  4. Turn off the flame after 10 minutes and allow it to cool. Leave the oil overnight, all the essential nutrients in the herb will get sucked by oil.
  5. Next day filter the greenish oil into the container. The not even single drop of water should get mixed in the oil.
  6. Now the Bhringraj Oil is all set of users.

Usage of Bhringraj Leaves:

Bhringraj leaves are also very beneficial for the hair and scalp.

  • Crush the leaves and make a paste of it.
  • Apply this paste onto the scalp directly to get best results.
  • This helps in faster growth of hair than any other ingredient.

Bhringraj Tonic:

Bhringraj tonic consumption is also very useful for fostering new hair growth. It also helps in reducing the hair fall.

How to use Bhringraj Oil as Hair conditioner?

Mix Bhringraj oil with coconut oil, you can also mix with Shika kai or amla to prepare hair conditioner. It will nourish your scalp and strengthens the hair roots.

As you have seen the different benefits of Bhringraj oil, apply it regularly on your scalp and hair regularly to get rid of hair problems. There are many well-known brands producing their own Bhringraj oil products, that work wonders on your hair. You may buy any of these products or prepare your own Bhringraj oil at home.

Side effects of Bhringraj Oil:

Don’t leave the oil overnight on the scalp, it may catch a cold due to its cooling effect.

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