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Bubble Eyeliner: A new trend eyeliner

Bubble Eyeliner

bubble eye liner
Bubble eyeliner

Eyeliner is a vital part of every girl’s daily routine and everybody wears different ways. Some like to wear eyeliner with a feline flick at the end of the eye. Others do it in their graphic edge. Eyeliner with bubbles? This is the latest trend that is making waves in the industry of beauty since a year. Let us now know what is it and how to carry this off with ease.

What is Bubble Eyeliner?

This is a crenel like an application of eyeliner which is a classic, winged flick with a twist. Rather than drawing it as a straight flick, you have to draw circular shapes which look like scallops. This is a great advantage for the people with shaky hands.

Who started Bubble Eyeliner trend?

A video of a lady wearing Bubble eyeliner was first seen on Instagram by a makeup and beauty blogger Jenny Gonzalez. She had started it and now everyone is flashing it.

How to apply Bubble Eyeliner?

Bubble eyeliner
Bubble eyeliner

Select fine tipped eyeliner that helps you draw the crenels to perfection and easily applicable. Take up gel eyeliner on the backside of your hand; use a little brush to wear some of the eyeliner to your eye with a much thin wing out to the side. Now dab the eyeliner brush into the scooped outliner on your hand and draw semicircular shapes along the lash line. Finally, fill the bubbles with a brush and draw a few more bumps with the free hand on the wing.

  • Pick the right eyeliner
  • Try wearing bubble eyeliner with different shades.
  • If you want to end up perfectly, include fake lashes and coats of mascara to get a complete look. They give a dramatic look, this makes your entire face pop so you might flaunt too.
  • As this is not everyday wear eyeliner so match up with various shades of lipsticks from neutrals to reds and find out which one compliments your liner in the best way.

Why do you need to try this?

It is such a reprieve from those flicks and wings that are just difficult to achieve. The mistakes made in this trend are much easy to correct them. Bubble eyeliner makes your eye makeup to next level.

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