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Coconut oil for beautiful skin and hair

coconut oil for beauty

Coconut oil for beautiful skin and hair Coconut oil is great for skin and hair care. With the increasing popularity of the coconut oil, many people are interested in using coconut oil. Beauty products with coconut oil for skin and hair are popping up in the market. Choosing right coconut oil for skin care is a bit confusing, as there are varieties of coconut oils available. Types of coconut oil …

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Bhringraj oil benefits for Hair

bhringraj oil benefits

Bhringraj oil benefits for Hair: Bhringraj is a medicinal plant that grows in moist areas. Bhringraj oil benefits for hair and skin a lot. Eclipta Alba is the botanical name of Bhringraj. It has been used for many decades to improve the growth and color of hair. It is greenish in color with a strong aroma. Using Bhringraj oil for on scalp gives many profits as it is most natural …

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SUNNI PINDI: A Natural Bathing Powder

sunni pindi

Sunni Pindi is a well-known bath powder with aromatic therapy widely used in South India. This natural powder works as a great exfoliate and scrub. Once you start using it, your skin will turn really smooth and soft.¬† Bathing with Sunni Pindi is practiced and really very popular among the people living in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. What does Sunni Pindi contains¬†? The main Ingredient in Sunni …

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Top 4 Easy DIY Blackhead Remover Peel Off Mask


Blackheads are small black colored spots that form on the skin of face and nose. People who have blackheads become very anxious and disturbed. It affects the beauty of skin so it is important to take a good treatment for it. Beauty parlors provide many types of treatments and procedures for removing the blackheads. You can deal with blackheads at your home without going to a parlor. To remove blackheads, …

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