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What Are The Benefits Of Yoga


Yoga is an art and if it becomes part of life, It makes you Smart and we can reap the benefits.  It owns the healing power of all mind and body fitness. Advantages of Yoga, Pranayama and meditation together help in Physical and Mental, It fights against our diseases and improves immune power and burns unwanted calories with Yoga Poses and Breathing Techniques(pranayama). It enhances the inner peace of mind …

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How to abort 40 days pregnancy naturally?

Abort naturally

  You had experienced zenith of pleasure last night, but a fear creeps instantly into your mind. What to do if…? To top it all, if pregnancy strip shows two lines, your blood freezes! It is true that not many people are aware of the fact that there are natural ways to terminate a pregnancy.  Always remember that the health risks related to these abortion remedies increase with the advancement …

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How to stay Happy and Stress-free always?

stay happy and stress free always

There are many people wondering about how to stay happy and stress-free always. They search happiness in making huge money or achieving success which evades them. Nevertheless, happiness is just the state of mind. You can find innumerable things in life that makes you happy. Follow the tips below to stay happy always. Ways to stay happy and stress-free Awake Early in the morning: The warmth of sunlight, morning breeze …

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophic: Causes and Treatment of RSD

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophic

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophic        Reflex sympathetic dystrophic is a state in where a group of distinct symptoms, including tenderness, pain, inflammation and extreme swelling with changing degrees of sweating, flushing, shiny skin and discoloration. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy is also called as the ‘shoulder-hand syndrome’, ‘complex regional pain syndrome’, ‘Sudeck’s atropy’ and ‘causalgia’. What are the Causes of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy? The accurate process of the development of RSD is not known properly. …

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Melasma : Causes, Types and Treatment for Melasma


What is Melasma? Melasma is a common skin problem in women occurs in between the age 20-50. If it occurs during pregnancy it is called Chloasma. Skin Becomes patchy brown, blue-gray facial discoloration of the skin, gets tanned if affected by melasma. It usually occurs on the upper lip, upper cheeks, chin and forehead. Melasma rarely occurs in males. It is more common in women. The causes of melasma are …

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Cervical Lordosis Symptoms and Exercises


Cervical lordosis is a little inbound curve in the cervical spine. Cervical spine embraces the 7 cervical vertebrae of the neck. This curve is very favorable to get head and neck to be in a stable position without any discomfort. The cervical spine is regarded as healthy with its little curve and its anatomical posture is important in its role to support the head weight. The problem is when there …

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Great Benefits of Soy Milk for Skin, Hair & Body

soy milk

Soy milk is the healthiest choice for overall well-being; it is a great alternate resource for those who are vegan and lactose intolerant. It is a rich protein source which helps for glowing skin, shiny and luscious hair and good muscles. Soy Milk for Hair: Soy Milk contains all the nutrients that benefit your hair. It contains calcium, protein, fiber, folic acid, protein, iron, potassium and B vitamins all these …

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8 Amazing Natural Methods to Soothe Your Summer Skin

Summer Skin Care Tips

The summer sun is in full swing and the temperatures are in the extreme that not only affects the health but also causes skin damage. The UV rays will perforate glass even when you are indoors and causes skin problems like redness, sunburn and inflammation. So your skin needs some extra care in summers in the form of cooling agents. To soothe your skin in summer months go through the …

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