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Cervical Lordosis Symptoms and Exercises

Cervical lordosis
Cervical lordosis

Cervical lordosis is a little inbound curve in the cervical spine. Cervical spine embraces the 7 cervical vertebrae of the neck. This curve is very favorable to get head and neck to be in a stable position without any discomfort.

The cervical spine is regarded as healthy with its little curve and its anatomical posture is important in its role to support the head weight. The problem is when there is a straightening of the curve or in any situations where takes a different direction. It is also an unreasonable forward curve of the neck which results in pain, strain feeling or any other complications.

Symptoms of Cervical Lordosis :

People having cervical lordosis might not evident any symptoms until it becomes worse, unbearable or even surgery. A cervical lordosis curve that is out of alignment can result in the symptoms below:

  • Stiffness of neck
  • Neck and back pain
  • Nausea and vertigo
  • Tinnitus and Headache
  • High Blood pressure
  • Fatigue and Insomnia
  • Confusion and nervousness
  • Tingling sensation in neck

Cervical Lordosis causes:

Many predisposing factors lead to problems of a healthy spine in cervical lordosis and these are as follows

  • It may cause, as the age of the person increases the degradation problem of spinal column increases due to hereditary.
  • Trauma or injury to the neck
  • Stress and strain to the neck
  • Slumping due to failure to maintain good posture, with prolonged standing or sitting
  • The degradation of bones in the spine
  • Obesity is also a major cause of cervical lordosis

Diagnosing Cervical Lordis:

The diagnosis is done through physical examinations of the patient based on clinical evidence and history taking done. Through procedures like X-rays and magnetic resonance, imaging diagnosis is done.

Cervical Lordosis
Cervical Lordosis

Treatment for Cervical Lordosis:

An early appraisal and diagnosis of an existing cervical lordosis lead the way for immediate medical interventions to be done, by utilizing the available treatments properly and preventing the complications.

Reversal Techniques

Reversal techniques have to be done for cervical lordosis due to following reasons:

  • Preventing spinal injury
  • Achieving correct posture
  • Preventing insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients going to brain
  • Preventing osteoporosis due to misalignment of spine

Exercises :

  • Neck flexion
  • Neck retraction
  • Neck extension
  • Upper neck nodding

Medical Approaches :

  • Physical therapy aiming at back posture
  • Use of pillows for support during sleep to stabilize neck posture
  • Using special traction wedges at home to correct the problem of neck curve
  • Chiropractic therapy for correct body posture
  • During prolonged standing of walking and standing, application of orthotics must be done to correct the posture
  • Spinal fusion surgery is the last resort for some patients to resolve this problem

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