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Cheek Fillers for Face Lift: Before and after

Cheek Fillers for Face Lift: Before and after

Cheek fillers are used to add volume to cheeks, as the age increases the cheeks tend to lose volume. Gravity will cause the face to sink, it makes the face looks elder. Healthy cheekbones are a sign of excellent beauty, they add proportion to the face. Cheek fillers are injected into the cheek area to rejuvenate not only the cheeks volume but to create youthfulness in the face. Cheek fillers give a non-encroaching way to gain back juvenility and lift the facial part.

Cheek fillers before and after images
   Cheek fillers before and after images

How do cheek fillers work?

Cheek filler injections will be given in series to the individual. The deepness and number of injections will depend on the results the individual is trying to gain. Cheek filler injections will mildly lift and round the cheeks which help to proportionate the rest of the face. The surrounding skin will also be stiffened, that makes the face a too tilted look. Cheek filler injections are effective for chubby and contoured cheeks. They restore the face as they lift up everything on the face. The vacuous space of the eye is reduced, the mouth downturn and the nasobuccal folds are decreased.

What is Cheek fillers cost and how long do cheek fillers last?

Cheek fillers cost depends on how much of solution is injected into the face, where and who is doing the treatment. The average cost ranges between $600 – $3,000. Cheek fillers will last from six months to one year.

Cheek fillers before and after image:

Cheek fillers before and after image

 Side effects of cheek fillers:

The cheek fillers after injecting into the will cause a temporary swelling, redness and contusion. It may feel like some puffiness with the tongue. Cheek fillers will frequently have pain killers added in them before injecting into the skin. The injections are done for few times. To avoid the side effects of the cheek fillers, it is important to get the treatment from the accredited cosmetic specialized doctors.

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