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Eye cream for wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around eyes

eye cream
eye cream

Eye creams are used to reduce or even erase fine lines, signs of aging, dark circles and wrinkles. The skin around the eye area is more delicate, prone to dryness and quicker in showing age. Eye creams are formulated especially for the fragile skin around the eye. The constant movement of eyes induces the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The fluids collect under the eyes cause dark circles and puffiness. Wrinkles and Fine lines come due to sun damage and as the age increases, skin tends to produce less collagen. Collagen plays a major role in maintaining skin’s elasticity. Eye creams contain more oil and a lot of active ingredients focussed at the skin around the eye area.

Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles

  • Vichy Idealia Eyes
  • La Rocha-Posay Pigmentolar Eyes

What are ingredients in Dark circle eye creams?

The first thing to look for in fighting against dark circles is caffeine. Caffeine shrinks the blood vessels to make color blue unnoticeable. Anti oxidants help in reducing dark circles. Niacinamide lightens the dark spots on the skin, Mica helps in reflecting light for immediate under-eye brightening and peptides rebuild the collagen. Here are best creams for dark circles.

 Best Eye creams for puffiness

  • Honest Beauty the Depuffed Eye
  • Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll-on for puffy eyes
  • MDSolarSciences Daily Eye Repair Emulsion

What are ingredients in eye creams for puffiness?

While treating puffy eyes you need to look for the creams with ingredients mainly caffeine and antioxidants. Green tea, chamomile, copper, vitamin K, licorice and aloe vera helps in reducing puffiness.

What are the Best Eye Creams for Wrinkles?

  • Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Swirl Gel cream
  • Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream
  • Brandt Revitalizing Retinol Eye Cream
  • Kate Somerville + Retinol Firming Eye Cream

 What are ingredients in eye creams for wrinkles?

For the battle against wrinkles, cream with the ingredients hyaluronic acid, peptides and retinoids are important. They help to get rid of the wrinkles around the eyes which make the face look older.

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