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How much does a dental filling cost ?

How much does a dental filling cost:

When you came to know that you need a dental filling, you likely want to know how much does dental filling costs. First, let us know about dental filling. Dental fillings help to reconstruct the dental cavity and bring a spoiled tooth back to its normal shape and function. Fillings will secure the holes in our teeth which are caused by wear and decay ensuring teeth are functioning well and healthy without further damage or becoming a bigger problem.

dental filling
dental filling

 A cost of various dental fillings:

Filling is the least expensive dental procedure; the cost generally depends on the place where you live, what your dentist wills to charge and whether you are having a dental insurance. It is not easy to predict what it exactly costs. But can figure the approximate cost of a dental filling. Dental fillings are of various types such as Amalgam fillings, Composite fillings, Glass ionomer fillings, Gold inlays and onlays etc.

Amalgam Fillings:

Amalgam fillings are the fillings which are done with copper, silver, tin and mercury to develop a stable and firm filling stuff. It is easy to use, very resistant to wear, long-lasting and inexpensive compared to other materials. Amalgam fillings are suggested for reconstructing teeth further back in the mouth to be unnoticeable due to their colour. Approximately the silver filling costs 250-450 INR.

Composite Fillings:

Composite fillings are made up of a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles. Amalgam fillings are easily noticeable whereas composite fillings are unnoticeable as they match up with your tooth color. Because of this feature of composite filling, they are expensive. Composite fillings will approximately cost 2000-3000 INR.

Glass ionomer fillings:

Glass ionomer fillings are developed from a natural looking cream colored material to fill the gaps in between teeth. Glass ionomer is a mixture of acrylic, fluoro-aluminosilicates and setting agent. They form a bond with the tooth tissue and slowly release fluoride over time to prevent the tooth from decaying. This filling costs 1000-1500 INR.

Gold Inlays and Onlays:

Gold fillings are designed in the laboratory before being cemented in. They have been used for many years as a durable, strong and beautiful way of rebuilding teeth. They are perfect to use in the mouth because of its properties. They can long for more than 20 years if a proper care is taken. It costs more than 16K INR.

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