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La Mer products for beautiful skin care

LaMer products
LaMer products

La Mer is a skin care brand produced by Dr. Max Huber, aerospace physicist. He developed La Mer cream for his own skin concerns. La Mer was taken by Estee Lauder in 1995, this gave La Mer a substantial research and development resources. La Mer products are the most expensive products which range in thousand dollars. La Mer creams are most desired anti aging creams. They are constituted of nutrient rich algae, high valued minerals and protective anti oxidants.

La Mer product reviews:

 La Mer products are born from the sea for skin care and make up such as La Mer moisturizing cream, La Mer eye cream, La Mer foundation, La Mer powder etc. Here are the reviews of La Mer Product.

La Mer moisturizing cream

It is a very thick moisturizing cream. It suits very well for people with dry to very dry skin, it moisturizes skin very well and makes skin look smoother. It comes in a glass jar with a spatula. La Mer moisturizing cream has a pretty soothing fragrance. It constitutes of ingredients such as seaweed extract that is vitamin-rich, helps in soothing the skin inflammation and adding moisture. Mineral oil, a bi-product of petroleum which is mostly used in cosmetics, it also has glycerine and petrolatum. It is having very good oils like eucalyptus and sesame seed oil.

La Mer eye cream

La Mer eye cream has the algae extracts which protect the skin with antioxidants. It hydrates the skin, has minerals and vitamins that reduce the puffiness around the eyes. La Mer eye cream contains Cyclopentasiloxane that helps to lock moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Artemia extract helps to fight against wrinkles. Use La Mer eye cream for twice a day to treat dark circles and reduce puffiness.

La Mer foundation

La Mer foundation comes in a glass bottle. It has a thin texture, spreads and blends on the skin easily. La Mer foundation spreads quickly on the skin and doesn’t give a tacky look. It stays more than eight hours. It has a moderate makeup scent fragrance. It suits well for normal-dry skin people. Gives a very natural and radiant look, it doesn’t sink into the pores even without primer.

La Mer Powder

La Mer powder is a grand finishing powder which is incredibly light. The powder comes in a jar that holds a generous amount of powder. The powder is light in weight and not dusty, it is so smooth and soft which feels like silk. La Mer powder gives a matte finish making skin look even toned by blurring the imperfections. It doesn’t make u feel drying as it has pretty good oil properties.

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