Melasma : Causes, Types and Treatment for Melasma


What is Melasma? Melasma is a common skin problem in women occurs in between the age 20-50. If it occurs during pregnancy it is called Chloasma. Skin Becomes patchy brown, blue-gray facial discoloration of the skin, gets tanned if affected by melasma. It usually occurs on the upper lip, upper cheeks, chin and forehead. Melasma rarely occurs in males. It is more common in women. The causes of melasma are …

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Bubble Eyeliner: A new trend eyeliner

bubble eye liner

Bubble Eyeliner Eyeliner is a vital part of every girl’s daily routine and everybody wears different ways. Some like to wear eyeliner with a feline flick at the end of the eye. Others do it in their graphic edge. Eyeliner with bubbles? This is the latest trend that is making waves in the industry of beauty since a year. Let us now know what is it and how to carry …

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4 Festive Season Hairstyles for Different Hair Lengths

Festive season hairstyles

Style your Hair The festive season is around us, we can have that beauty circuit bustling with all ethnic things. We know that we will leave no chance to get the best clothing, makeup and hair. Here are different hairstyles for all hair lengths. Before starting, get your hair wash done with the shampoo and conditioner to make your driest hair nourished. For Bob length hair: Comprehend your bob length …

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Hollywood Celebrities Rocking Appearance in Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut When you are trying out different styles with tresses, at best, you would find a new hairdo. If we are feeling braver we would choose to color or go for a new haircut. But when Hollywood ladies experiment with hair, their slogan is ‘go big or go home’, best construed in 2016 as the bold buzz cut. Spotted on many celebrities of Hollywood, the head shave was not …

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Cervical Lordosis Symptoms and Exercises


Cervical lordosis is a little inbound curve in the cervical spine. Cervical spine embraces the 7 cervical vertebrae of the neck. This curve is very favorable to get head and neck to be in a stable position without any discomfort. The cervical spine is regarded as healthy with its little curve and its anatomical posture is important in its role to support the head weight. The problem is when there …

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5 Stunning sleek Hairstyles for parties

sleek hairstyles

Beauty queens hold wavy and voluminous hair close to their bosom but the passion at the moment seems to be sleek hair. A sleek hairstyle is a classic hairstyle; it looks elegant and delicate for all occasions especially for those graceful women attending important social events. Do you want to know what your choices are this party season? Here are some hairstyles you can go through… What do you need? …

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Great Benefits of Soy Milk for Skin, Hair & Body

soy milk

Soy milk is the healthiest choice for overall well-being; it is a great alternate resource for those who are vegan and lactose intolerant. It is a rich protein source which helps for glowing skin, shiny and luscious hair and good muscles. Soy Milk for Hair: Soy Milk contains all the nutrients that benefit your hair. It contains calcium, protein, fiber, folic acid, protein, iron, potassium and B vitamins all these …

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8 Amazing Natural Methods to Soothe Your Summer Skin

Summer Skin Care Tips

The summer sun is in full swing and the temperatures are in the extreme that not only affects the health but also causes skin damage. The UV rays will perforate glass even when you are indoors and causes skin problems like redness, sunburn and inflammation. So your skin needs some extra care in summers in the form of cooling agents. To soothe your skin in summer months go through the …

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