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RevitaLash Products for Enhancement of Eye beauty

RevitaLash Products for Enhancement of Eye beauty


What is Revitalash?

RevitaLash cosmetics are the beauty products that help in that aims on increasing the beauty and health of eye brows, eye lashes and hair. With RevitaLash you can get dramatic eyes, voluptuous locks and beautiful skin. It was produced by an ophthalmologist to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the eye lashes naturally. It makes your lashes grow long and thick. RevitaLash is having fragrance formula. The active ingredient Latisse has more inquiry than Revitalash Advanced. But the ingredients in Revitalash seem to be well tolerated and none of the plant extracts are known to be problematic. Price-wise, Latisse costs a bit more but results may be more impressive.

Usage of RevitaLash

RevitaLash contains an ingredient very likely to stimulate lash growth, leading to fuller, longer and healthier-looking lashes. Easy to apply with a brush once nightly and see results in three to six weeks.

What are the Ingredients of RevitaLash?

Prostaglandin analogs are ingredients which are synthetically produced to bind to specific prostaglandin receptor sites on cells. Discussing the potential for prostaglandin analogs to stimulate eyelash growth, the three most well- known options are latanoprost, bimatoprost, and travoprost.  Bimatoprost is the active ingredient, among those three. In prescription, Latisse is the most researched for eyelash growth. Though, all have the same benefits and side effects though there’s no research for proving it, that the prostaglandin analog in Revitalash is responsible for its results on lash growth. It contains sodium chloride which is used for thickening in the liquid applications. The citric acid in RevitaLash helps in balancing the pH levels of the product. It also contains cellulose gum and water.

Products of RevitaLash

RevitaLash products are RevitaLash brow, RevitLash mascara, RevitaLash serum, RevitaLash conditioner, RevitaLash Primer, RevitaLash eyeliner etc. All the products are great in improving the growth of lashes, brows and hair. Like other beauty products, different people experience various results using RevitaLash.

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