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Shocking Dangerous Side Effects of Lime Juice | Body Care Tips

Dangerous Side Effects of Lime Juice

Dangerous Side Effects of Lime Juice are in the following. Generally, lime juice is very healthy for our body. we should better to consume up to 3 cups of lime juice per day. But sometimes overdose can lead to side effects. Not only lime juice but overdosing of anything will lead to dangerous side effects.

Side effects of lime juice

Side Effects of Lime Juice:

Some of the lime juice side effects:

Tooth Enamel can Decay:

  • We know lime juice has high citrus extract content. This can prompt the root of the tooth finish. The high acidic substance in the juice of lime can break up the polish. At the point when this root advances into the dentin, you may begin encountering affectability and torment.
  • In order to prevent teeth from lime, drink juice with a straw.

Side Effects of Lime Juice

Can worsen Canker Sores:

  • Canker sores are little pores in the mouth caused by allergic reactions. It also occurs due to consumption of acidic foods like lemon.
  • Drinking diluted juice of lime can prevent this disease.

Shocking Dangerous Side Effects


  • Otherwise called ‘gastroesophageal reflux issue’, is a stomach related confusion that influences the ring of muscle between the throat and stomach.
  • GERD is activated by fiery or acidic sustenances. Furthermore, lemon juice is one of them. Lemon juice can really bother the oesophageal lining accordingly fueling GERD.

Shocking Dangerous Side Effects of Lime Juice


  • Juice of lime can move up your acids in the stomach to the esophagus. This leads to the Heartburn.

Side Effects of Lime

Vomit and Stomach Upset:

  • When you have an excessively lemon squeeze, your body can’t ingest all the vitamin C in it. To flush out the additional vitamin C and reestablish harmony, water races into the entrail. Sickness, stomach spasms, and the runs are ordinary side effects of the issue.

Side Effects of Lime


  • As lemon juice intake increases it causes to frequent urination and finally leads to dehydration. So, in order to prevent this, we have to consume more amount of water.

Dangerous Side Effects of Lime Juice

Storage of Iron content:

  • More juice of lime intake will make our body to store more amount of Iron content. This is called Hemochromatosis.

Shocking Dangerous Side Effects of Lime

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