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Tattoo removal Methods,Home remedies & Best Tattoo removal Places

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Tattoos were once considered as permanent, but now there are various tattoo removal methods. A variety of physical, cultural and social life changes regulates the decision to remove the tattoo. It is a painful method which requires energy and time to complete the procedure effectively. It is not easy to remove a tattoo completely because it is made to embed into the skin permanently. Tattoo removal procedure will leave scars which can’t be avoided.

How to remove a Tattoo?

There are different methods which can remove tattoos but yet it is not simple and must be practiced daily in some cases. There are medical methods and home remedies which help in removing a tattoo.

Laser Tattoo Removal: Laser removal is the recent top method of Tattoo removal. In this method, a high-intensity light beam is passed through, which breaks up the tattoo. Based upon the pigment color, tattoos are treated with lasers. While black tattoo pigment absorbs all the wave lengths of laser which makes easy to break the tattoo. Laser treatment is painful.

Tattoo removal cream: Tattoo removal cream is expensive and effective to get rid of the tattoo. Mixing the cream along with some home remedy and applying it three times a day daily will help in removing the tattoo. Though the process is lengthy, at the end tattoo will be gone.

Medical method for tattoo removal: In this method, the layer of skin will be removed which lead to skin thinning. This procedure is expensive and causes pain.

Dermabrasion: The topmost layer of the skin is removed through abrasive friction. This is another expensive and painful tattoo removal method. It is effective and gives good results.

Excision:  It is the most painful method and needs the courage to withstand the pain. In this method, the skin around the tattoo is cut away, and sewn back after the tattoo is removed.

Skin grafting: In this process, the first tattooed skin will be removed and the skin from another clear part of the body will be removed and placed. This process is also expensive and must be done by professional.

Tattoo Removal Home remedies:

  1. Aloe Vera and apricot mixture will help will in getting rid of a tattoo. Mix apricot and Aloe Vera and apply it on the tattoo. Let it remain for 10 minutes and wash off with cold water. Do it three times a day daily till the tattoo fades away.
  2. Rubbing the salt over the area of tattooed skin will also help in getting rid of a tattoo.
  3. Applying lemon juice on the tattoo helps in fading the tattoo away.

Best Tattoo Removal places in London:

  1. Clinco Beauty and Advanced Skincare (Southgate, London).
  2. Ace Aesthetics of Richmond (Richmond, London).
  3. London Laser Group (Holborn, London).
  4. Bella’s Salon (Clapham Common, London).
  5. Belgravia Cosmetics Clinic (Chelsea, London).

Best Tattoo Removal places in Charlotte:

  1. Vanish-Ink Laser Tattoo (East Blvd, Charlotte).
  2. Tattoo Bill’s (Tyron St, Charlotte).
  3. Dermatology Laser & Vein Specialists of the Carolinas (Randolph Rd, Charlotte).
  4. Piedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology (Ballantyne, Charlotte).
  5. Simply Skin Face & Body Spa (South Park, Charlotte).

Best Tattoo Removal places in Melbourne:

  1. Neoskin (Clarendon, South Melbourne).
  2. Victims of Tattoo (Port Melbourne).
  3. Laser Ink Removal in Melbourne.

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